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Surf Life Saving Donations

Any Pool.

Any Size.

One Price.

Certificate Included!

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Any Pool.
Any Size.
One Price.

Certificate Included!

Our Donation Commitment

Surf Life Saving Donations

We at Pooltech are committed to making a small donation for every inspection services we conduct. This includes, Initial Fence Inspections, Re inspections, Safety Consulting & Schedule 2A remote Inspections. We’ll keep you updated on our commitment.

Initial Inspections

We’ll donate $1 for every initial pool safety inspection

Surf Life Saving Donation

We’ll Donate $1 For Every Initial Pool Safety Inspection

While Pooltech takes care of ‘Pool Safety Fences’ around Swimming Pools. ‘Surf Life Saving Australia’ looks after the rest of our Australian Seas with their voluntary lifeguard services.


Our Donation Promise

As Pooltech has only just been established, we intend to tally up our donations at the end of each month for ‘Surf Life Saving’… We’ll post the transaction of our commitment.

Ready for a Fence

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Ready for a Fence

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