Since its establishment in 2014, the Brisbane based pool safety inspections company, Pooltech, has had a large presence in the swimming pool industry. The company’s owner, Luke Scott, has worked for one of the most dominant concrete pool builders in Queensland and has further embraced his love for pool safety. 

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The Importance of Having a Compliant Pool Fence

It is an exciting time when you have your dream pool installed and can regularly cool off in the privacy of your own back garden. Having a pool enhances your lifestyle, with the chance to enjoy swimming as an exercise or just for fun, pool play for the children, pool parties, and barbies around the pool area. However, there is more to think about and plan for than just the pool.

The pool surroundings are also important, with a tile surround to help keep grass and dirt out of the water, pool furniture for relaxation, pot plants or a garden and of course, the pool fence.

What Type of Pool Fencing Material Should You Choose?

There are several different kinds of pool fencing materials that are available. Which one you choose may depend on your budget or personal preference. Many people these days choose toughened glass fencing due to its low visibility – it not only offers parents a good view of the pool area from outside the fence, but it allows your beautiful gardens to be seen and enjoyed from the pool area. It also helps to make your space appear larger than it would if divided by a fence that is highly visible, such as one built with steel posts and rails.

Why Your Pool Fence Needs to be Compliant

These days, it is important to ensure your pool fence is compliant. What does that mean? Every council has special rules and regulations about pool fencing to ensure it is safe for those using the pool, as well as for members of the public. For instance, if the pool is situated close to the front of the home and some of the pool fence is missing or has come down in a storm or due to some other reason, that would pose a danger to the public as well as your family and any friends who might be in the vicinity.

If the pool fence forms part of the boundary, which is often the case in a small block of land, the measurements – e.g. the height – will be different from a pool fence that is internal and not part of the boundary. To be compliant, your pool fence must be made from the correct materials, be the correct height for its position and have the correct design. The gap between the ground and the bottom of the fence must also be of the correct measurement.

If you are selling your house with a swimming pool, it must have a valid pool certificate. If the pool doesn’t have a pool safety certificate, you’ll have to have a pool safety inspection If your pool fence does have a valid pool certificate, but you are unsure whether it is still compliant, you could have pool safety consulting

Benefits of Having a Compliant Fence for Your Pool

No matter which kind you choose, you’ll find several benefits of installing a compliant fence right from the get-go.

·         Peace of mind that your family and the public are all safe

·         No worries about a nasty fine for non-compliance

·         No need to do it all over again with the extra cost and disturbance

·         No need to have your lovely garden ruined when your non-compliant fence has to be removed and replaced.

·         No extra mess or additional delay before you can enjoy your pool.

Choosing a qualified pool fencing installer will ensure you get the correct kind of fencing right from the start. If you are a handyman who likes to do such jobs yourself, it is important to contact your council for the information you need to install a compliant pool fence. 

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