Pool Safety for Property Management

Body Corporate, Real Estate & Property Managers

Any Pool.

Any Size.

One Price.

Certificate Included!

Real Time! Instant Booking!!

Any Pool.
Any Size.
One Price.

Certificate Included!

Reliable, Fully Insured & Certified

Real Estate, Body Corp & Landlords

Do you work in Real Estate?

Are you currently selling/leasing a property with a swimming pool and need an inspection? Our Pool Safety Inspection Services isn’t just for home owners with swimming pools. We provide our services for the property industry too.

If you’re looking for a reliable Pool Safety Inspector… look no further. Pooltech can provide this service to you and your company and all our inspections are inhouse!

On-time, Fully Insured & Certified Pool Safety Inspectors

Body Corporate

Onsite Managers & Body Corp.. who need safety inspections.

Real Estate - Selling & Leasing Properties with Pools

Selling a House with a Swimming Pool? We can help.

Hotels, Motels & Hostels

Is your Shared Pool Certificate Expiring? Let us inspect your fence.

Fence Inspection Cost

$189 Includes GST

Re-Inspection Cost

$99 Includes GST

24h Turn Around

Reports in 24 hours

Is Your Fence Compliant..? Checklist...

Our Guide.

Pool Fence Regulations

Is Your Fence Compliant..? Checklist...

Reliable, Knowledgeable, Advice

Pool Safety Inspections for Property Management

Whats Included?

Outlined below is what is included in our ‘pool safety inspections’. Unlike other companies, we don’t break down our prices to make our services appear cheaper. A pool safety certifcate is not an optional add-on. Once a Pool Safety Inspector conducts an inspection, with the purpose of giving a pool safety certifcate and is satisfied that the regulated pool complies with current regulations. The PSI (pool safety inspector) must issue a Form 23 – Pool Safety Certificate within two business working days by law.

No Extra Charges for:


Any Size Swimming Pool or Spa

Regardless of size, we charge the same price

Shared or Non-Shared Pools

We Don’t increase prices just because its a Shared Pool!

Any Number of Safety Gates

No extra charges for multiple gates

Additional Swimming Pools

Additional pools or spas at the same property incur no extra charges.

Government Certificate

No Hidden Charges! We already factor the cost of the Certificate in our price.

Professional & Reliable Service

We are committed to providing a quality service with a genuine desire to meet customer expectations. We understand that, not only are we representing ourselves, but we’re also representing you as a company who’s appointed us to conduct a pool safety inspection on your behalf.

Things to know…



We strive on keeping you updated and in the loop if any issues occur!

Time Management

We consider ourselves very punctual & reliable. We won’t keep you waiting or not turn up to inspections!

Reports Within 24 hours

Once an inspection has been conducted. We aim to send forms: ‘Form 23 – pool safety certifcates’ and ‘form 26 pool safety nonconformity notices’ within 24 hours of the inspection date.

Things to know…


Detailed Reports

Easy to read Pool Safety nonconfomity notices.

One Call Away

If you need help understanding the report. We’re one call away!

Ready for a Fence

Ready for a Fence

Ready... for us to inspect your fence?

Pooltech - Experts in Pool Safety Inspections

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