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Pool Safety Inspections Kenmore (4069)

Need a Pool Safety Certificate in Kenmore?

Do you need a Pool Safety Certificate in Kenmore? Pooltech is a Brisbane based and provides inspection services locally to Kenmore. Owner Luke Scott, has worked in the pool industry since 2014 at Queensland’s leading concrete pool building company and has since pursued his passion in pool safety. Luke knows the importance of pool compliance as it’s the key element for the completion of a swimming pool.

In order for you to obtain your pool safety certificate in Kenmore, a pool safety inspection must be performed. The outcome of the pool inspection will result in either a pool safety certificate or a nonconformity notice, to which a report will be attached outlining areas of the pool fence which is deemed to be noncompliant.

We at Pooltech, will provide you only the highest of standard & professional pool inspection service, with best practices for you to gain a pool safety certificate.

Local Pool Safety Inspections in Kenmore

As we are based in Brisbane, Pooltech provides local pool fence inspections in Kenmore and surrounding suburbs. We consider ourselves your local pool safety inspector and will always keep your customer satisfaction & safety, our number one priority.

All of our local pool safety inspectors are fully licensed and insured. Whether you need a ‘pool safety inspection’ at home or manage a residential complex with a shared pool, our inspectors will provide you with the best pool inspection service in Kenmore. If you have any questions regarding our pool safety inspection services, please don’t hesitate to contact us below.

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    All our initial pool safety inspections include the Gov Certificate costs. Pool Safety Consulting is Advisory only & no certificates are issued.

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    Pool Compliance in Kenmore

    All regulated swimming pools in Queensland must follow current pool safety regulations. Engaging with a pool safety inspector will be essential, to determine whether your pool fence meets safety standards for pool compliance in Kenmore. Our pool safety inspectors will perform a series of tests, including strength & rigidity tests, visual inspections, in accordance with the pool safety regulations. A pool certificate will be issued the same day for pool safety barriers which result in pool compliance. A nonconformity notice will be issued to pools which have pool compliance problems.

    Do I need a Pool certificate in Kenmore?

    Depending on your situation, you don’t always need a pool certificate in Kenmore (4069). If your pool certificate has simply expired and you are not intending to sell or lease your property, a renewal of the pool certificate is not mandatory, however the pool fence must remain compliant in accordance with the current pool safety regulations. All property sales, lease or rental agreements with a regulated swimming pool, must be provided a valid pool certificate or attach a form 36.

    Fees and penalties

    From the 1st of July 2020, on the spot fines in Queensland can be issued by councils for the non compliance of a pool safety barrier. Each penalty unit has a value of $133.45 with the maximum of 165 penalty units. This means, if a pool fence has three infringements, the fine would equate to 3 penalty units x $133.45 = $400.00 (rounded down)

    Kenmore Pool Safety Inspector

    If you are in search of a pool inspector in Kenmore, then look no further! Pooltech are leaders in pool safety & can provide pool safety inspections in Kenmore. Our pool inspectors in Kenmore undergo regular training and are fully insured. All our pool safety inspectors are knowledgeable, punctual & reliable and we consider ourselves to have the best pool inspectors in Kenmore.

    All of our pool inspections and consulting services are conducted in house and we will never subcontract your inspection out to third parties pool inspectors

    Fully Insured & Licensed

    All our pool safety inspectors are trained to a high level, fully insured and professionally qualified. We at Pooltech, take pool safety seriously and undertake regular training in accordance with the qbcc, to keep up to date with any legislation changes.

    Pool Industry Experience

    Owner, Luke Scott has been working in the pool industry since 2014 at one of Queensland’s leading concrete pool builders & knows what it takes for a pool barrier to be compliant.
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    Pool Safety Inspector Luke Scott

    “Hey I’m Luke, a Licensed Pool Safety Inspector
    I’ve been working in the Pool Industry since 2014 with an extensive knowledge in Concrete Pool Building & Pool Safety”

    Your Local Pool Inspector in Kenmore

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    Local Pool Inspector Kenmore


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    Pool Industry Experience since 2014

    Kenmore Pool Inspections (4069)

    Kenmore Pool Inspection services are provided by Pooltech, experts in pool safety, we assure you don’t need to go elsewhere for your pool inspection. We offer a comprehensive inspection service of your pool’s safety barrier to achieve a pool safety certificate.

    Compliant pool barriers will receive a pool certificate the same day & barriers which don’t comply with the pool safety regulations will receive a notice of non compliance, where you’ll have 3 months to rectify any issues outlined in the notice and re-engage with us for a pool inspection.

    Check the Pool Safety Register

    In Queensland, all residential pools must be registered. Failing to register your pool could result in a hefty fine. Checking the pool register is straight forward, head over to Qbcc – Pool Safety Register and search your address. If there are no pool records at the address, select ‘register pool’ and fill out the address details.

    Pool Fence Regulation Compliance

    All regulated swimming pools must be enclosed by a barrier in compliance with the pool safety regulations. New swimming pools will receive a pool certificate upon completion proving it meets the pool safety requirements. Existing pools can be issued a pool safety certificate when inspected by a licensed pool safety inspector.

    How long do Pool Safety Certificates last?

    • Non-Shared – Pool Certificates are valid for 2 years from the date it was issued.
    • Shared – Pool Certificates are valid for 1 year from the date it was issued.

    Pool Safety Consultants Kenmore

    Pooltech offers pool safety consulting in Kenmore for all your pool safety advice and needs. We offer this pool safety consulting service to property owners or potential home owners who wish to gain knowledge in pool safety, regarding their pool’s safety barrier.

    You may wish to alter or renovate your pool fence & need help understanding the pool safety regulations. Our service can prevent costly mistakes beforehand & before completion if the pool fence wasn’t originally designed with pool compliance in mind.

    Pool Safety Inspection Tips
    If you are buying a property with a swimming pool and the pool certificate is valid. Although, ‘on paper’ the pool fence may be compliant, if you suspect that the pool fence has undergone recent changes & is likely that the pool barrier is now non-compliant, it might be worth while using us to check the fence out before the sale. You may get a reduction on the property sale or have the pool fence rectified at their cost.
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    Boundary Fence Pool Regulations
    glass pool fence regulations
    Would you like to contact ‘Pooltech’? fill out the quick contact form to get in touch with us! Did you know? We have a ‘Real time’ booking system for all your pool safety inspection & Pool consulting needs… Book the time which suits you best!

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    “Pooltech performs all pool safety inspections & pool consulting in-house, we don’t use sub contactors. We have no hidden fees! Gst is included in all our pricing.

    Pool Safety Inspections in Kenmore

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      Same Day Pool Inspections in Kenmore

      Where possible, we will try our best to fit you in Same Day for a pool safety inspection in Kenmore. We promise that if your pool is compliant, we will send out your pool certificate in Kenmore the same day, straight to your email. Keep in mind, the inspector needs to print out the pool certificate & physically sign it by hand before forwarding it onto you or other parties.

      If your pool fence is deemed non-compliant, we aim to send you the nonconformity notice with the report outlining non conforming areas within 24 hours. However, delays could be possible if questionable areas need to be clarified with the Qbcc before making a decision.

      End of Lease Pool Certificate Kenmore

      Pooltech offers pool safety inspections for properties which are reaching the end of their lease agreement. We understand tenants may still occupy the premises before the end of the lease and will take the most care not to cause any disturbance to the current occupants. Where necessary, we’ll liaise with any tenants if we need to gain access to the property in the most professional manner, treating their home like our own.

      For Pool Safety Compliance in Kenmore Choose Pooltech

      Pooltech is your local pool safety experts for Kenmore, we specialise in residential, hotels, townhouse complexes with swimming pools. You can rely on Pooltech to deliver a professional service that will leave you with the piece of mind that your pool safety fence has been inspected thoroughly.

      Kenmore residents can rely on Pooltech for a trustworthy pool inspection service and be assured that when making a booking with Pooltech, you will not be disappointed with the quality of service. We also provide Pool Safety Inspections in Brisbane, Moreton Bay & Sunshine Coast


      • Pooltech specialises in pool safety inspections, it is our main service of work.
      • We are locally owned with in-house pool safety inspectors.
      • We are licensed, insured, and professionally trained in pool safety.
      • Our goal is to prevent all deaths caused by drowning.
      • We won’t charge you more because you have a larger pool.
      • We won’t charge extra because it’s a shared pool.

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