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Looking for a Pool Safety Inspection in the Sunshine Coast?

Is it time for a Pool Safety Inspection? Are you wondering of your pool or spa’s barrier is adequate enough to obtain your Pool Safety Certificate?  ‘Pooltech’ is a Brisbane-based pool inspection company servicing all areas of the Sunshine Coast for pool safety certification.

‘Pooltech’ makes your safety, and that of your loved ones, our highest priority. We strive for service excellence in everything we do. In addition to our Pool Safety Inspection services you can also call on us for a Pool Safety Consultation, This is beneficial for those who are unsure whether the property you are purchasing has a 100% compliant pool fence.  We will assess your pool’s safety barrier with the highest standard, and in accordance to your local pool legislation laws.

Be kind to your neighbours and let them know we are coming, jumping over your fence to take photos is just not as fun as it used to be!

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Steps to Registering a Pool

Registering you swimming pool will take you 2 minutes! Here are five easy steps you can follow to add your pool to the pool safety register.

Step 1. Open the ‘Qbcc – Pool Safety Register’ website.

Step 2. ‘Search Your Property’ by either address or lot number.

Step 3. Select ‘Your Address’.

Step 4. Select ‘Register Pool’.

Step 5. Enter the required details & Click ‘Submit’. Check for email confirmation.

Look out for emails from Qbcc!
After you have submitted your swimming pool to the pool safety register, look out for emails you may recieve to confirm your submission.
pool safety register - Screenshot

Are Pool Certificates Essential?

Current pool safety regulations must be followed by all regulated swimming pools in Queensland, whether new or existing. Whenever you buy, sell, or lease a property with a pool or spa, you must also attach a valid pool safety certificate to the sale.

Upon expiration, Pool Safety Certificates do not have to be renewed – however, if you are making significant changes to your pool fence, or selling or leasing properties, then your Pool Safety Certificate needs to be valid for the sale or reinspected due to the major changes. It is also important that your pool fence follows the guidelines of Queensland Pool Safety Regulations, regardless of the status of your pool safety certificate.

How long does a Pool Certificate last?

  • Non-Shared Pool certificates – valid for 2 years.
  • Shared Pool certificates – valid for 1 year.
Whats the difference?
Non-shared: accessible by one dwelling.
Shared pools: accessible by more than one dwelling, such as a townhouse complex.

Is Your Fence Compliant..? Checklist...

Our Guide.

Pool Fence Regulations

Is Your Fence Compliant..? Checklist...

Queensland – Pool Safety Requirements

Pool Safety Legislation & Regulations in Queensland

Making sure your pool barrier is compliant can be challenging under one of Australia toughest states for Pool Safety. Take a look below at some of the most commonly looked at regulations.

What you need to know about Non Climbable Zones

Where are non-climbable zones located on a Pool Barrier?

Non-climbable zones are zones (or areas) around the perimeter of the pool barrier which need to be free from ‘stepping points’ to prevent a child from climbing and accessing the pool barrier.

Stepping Points & Climbable Objects

Stepping points or climbable Objects which could lower the effective height of the fence. any type of projection or indentation which has a depth of 10mm or greater could be used, to aid a child in climbing & accessing the pool area. There cannot be any stepping points within the lower non climbable zone. In the upper non-climbable zone, objects may be permitted provided they are unreasonable to access.

Are ‘Clear Area’ & ‘Additional Clear Area’ different zones?

  • Clear Area – The clear area is a depth of 300mm inside the pool area, directly adjacent to the 900mm ncz, which needs to be free from climbable objects.
  • Additional Clear Area – The ‘Additional Clear Area’ is a zone which can effectively be applied above or below the non climbable zone (or both) providing the ‘non climbable zone’ & the ‘additional clear area’ equates to 1200mm. This is to maintain the effective height of the safety barrier.
Pool Safety Inspection Tip #1
1.1 Remove pot-plants, chairs, tables which are within 300mm, inside of the pool fence.
1.2 Rocks & sloping ground, close to the pool fence can affect the overall height of the pool barrier.
1.3 Look out for sockets, hose brackets, taps around the non-climbable zone.
pool safety inspections sunshine coast - Regulations diagram for Queensland

Fence Height Requirements – for Swimming Pools in Queensland

Is there a minimum height for pool fences?

A regulated swimming pool’s in Queensland must have a minimum pool height barrier of 1200mm.

Heights between horizontal rails

There cannot be any climbable objects within the 900mm non-climbable zone, this includes horizontal rails too. Existing fences, which are now used as a pool barrier, with rails spaced less than 900mm apart, may be able to have 60 degree angled wedges fixed to the rails. This is to eliminate the stepping points, without completely modifying the pool barrier.

Maximum Gaps Under the Pool Fence

Any openings or gaps must not exceed more than 100mm. 
Pool Safety Inspection Tip #2
2.1 When applying wedges, make sure another stepping isn’t created, between itself and the post.
2.2 Decorative gravel can be removed without the use of a tool and isn’t advised
2.3 Sloping fences can cause extra gaps under the pool barrier, watch out for them!
glass pool fence regulations qld

Boundary Pool Requirements Qld

Pool Boundary Fence Height

The minimum height for a boundary fence is 1200mm. However, if the non-climbable zone is applied to the inside of the barrier, the barrier must be a minimum height of 1800mm with a non-climbable zone.

Non-climbable Zones on the inside.

Non-climbable zones located on the inside of the pool barrier, for barriers 1800mm or more in height, must have a 900mm non-climbable zone on the inside. It must have no stepping points or climbable objects within this zone.

Timber Pool Fences with Horizontal Rails

Horizontal rails can not be within the non-climbable zone and should be ≥ 900mm apart to comply with the pool safety standards.
Pool Safety Inspection Tip #3
3.1 Check the boundary fence has no gaps under the fence greater than 100mm
3.2 If your non-climbable zone is on your neighbours side, ask for permission to check for objects.
3.3 Check the neighbours side of the fence, for distances between horizontal rails.
boundary pool fence regulations qld

Do intersecting fences make the pool non compliant?

Intersecting Fences

Where barriers intersect other barriers such as a boundary fence. The barrier may intersect within the NCZ providing the top rail of the barrier is less than 50mm in width.

Horizontal Rails Next to intersecting panels

Horizontal rails next to a pool barrier, especially when barriers intersect a boundary fence can make your pool barrier non-compliant. This is due to the rails acting as a stepping point. By using 60 degree angled wedges fixed on top of the rail, can eliminate the stepping point.

Splash Proof Fencing Regulations (new builds only)

Splash proof fencing is required for swimming pools with a waters edge within 1500mm from the boundary fence. It must also be at least 1800mm in height with no gaps greater than 10mm. Splash proof fencing is not part of the pool safety standard & is not considered during a ‘pool safety inspection’ for existing pools.

Splash Proof Fence Rules

Splash Proof Fencing Regulations (new builds only)

Splash proof fencing is not currently part of the pool safety standard and is not assessed during a pool safety inspection. However, during the ‘new build’ of a swimming pool, a building certifier will assess this building regulation. The building inspector will require a minimum 1800mm boundary fence made from solid material for swimming pools, where the waters edge is within 1500mm of the boundary fence.

Pool Latch & Operation Requirements Qld

Minimum Pool Latch Height

The top of the pool latch must be 1500mm above ground. This is measured from the lowest part of the mechanism and not the top of the plastic handle. From the bottom of the latch mechanism, it must also be at least 1400mm from the highest ‘lower’ horizontal rail to comply with the pool safety regulations.

Self Latching & Self Closing Pool Gates

  • Must be self closing.
  • Must be self latching.

Pool Gates Open of Direction?

All pool gates must open away from the pool area.
Pool Safety Inspection Tip #4
4.1 Latch mechanism to be at least 1500mm from ground level.
4.2 Latch mechanism to be at least 1400mm from highest lower rail.
4.3 Latch mechanism cannot be locked when the pool gate is in an open position.
pool latch regulations qld

CPR Pool Sign Rules – Queensland

Minimum Dimensions

  • Pool CPR sign must be at least 300mm x 300mm in size
  • Be permanently fixed and visible from all areas of the ‘pool area’
  • Instructional techniques on how to perform CPR, in accordance to current guidelines set by the Australian Resuscitation Council.
  • Made from suitable material.

Which Guideline does the Pool Safety sign follow?

CPR signs for new pools must follow Guideline 8 which is published by the Australian Resuscitation Council.

Existing pools with CPR signage following Guideline 7 is acceptable providing it hasn’t faded or become defected. However, a ‘Guideline 7’ sign must not be replaced with another ‘Guideline 7’ and must be replaced with an updated ‘Guideline 8’ version.

Pool Safety Inspection Tip #5
5.1 Check the sizing is minimum 300mm x 300mm
5.2 Ensure the Pool CPR sign is permanently fixed
5.3 Is the CPR pool sign made from suitable material?

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