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Pool Regulations for Safety Barriers in Queensland

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Safety Barrier Information

Pool Fence Regulations in Queensland

Does your Pool Fence Comply?

Swimming Pools in Queensland must comply with the Pool Safety Barrier regulations. In Queensland, we have the some of the toughest regulations in Australia, especially when it comes to safety around swimming pools. It appears Queensland is leading the standard and other states are soon to follow the highly set standards. Below are some diagrams of the pool safety regulations, however, these are specifically for Queensland. 

Regulation Diagrams

Pool Fence Regulations in Queensland

Pool Gate Latch Height Regulations

Minimum heights for pool gate latches from finished ground level and highest lower horizontal rail

Boundary Fence Height Regulations

Step Down Pool Fence Regulations

Glass Pool Fence Regulations

Pool Gate Latch Regulations


Queensland Information Only

Please Note: The information about Safety Barrier Regulations is for regulated swimming pools located in Queensland. This is because regulations differ in each state of Australia.

Fence Examples

This wedge is not effective & has created a stepping point between itself & the vertical upright. The wedge is also too short & the horizontal rail is still within 900mm from the top of the pool fence – (not acceptable)
Double paling fence used to counteract horizontal stepping points – (acceptable)
Greater than 10mm gap with stepping point, within the 900mm non climbable zone – (not acceptable)

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