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For Rural Pools Located Within A Prescribed Remote Area

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Any Pool.
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Schedule 2A Remote Inspections

Remote Pool Fence Inspections in Rural Queensland.

Our Schedule 2A Remote Inspection Service is intended for ‘rural’ regulated Swimming Pools or Spas, which have been declared as ‘remote’ or ‘rural’ by a prescribed local government listed under Schedule 2A of the ‘Building Regulations 2006’.

Location Must be Declared as 'Remote'

Local Governement must declare the regulated pool as ‘remote’ or ‘rural’.

Measuring Tools

Evidence of fences heights must be backed up with a Tape Measure.

Electronic Devices for Capturing

Must have a device which can capture Images, Video & Live Stream.

Communication & Cooperation

Cooperation and communitcation will be essential throughout the process. Requests such as re-taking photos, rescheduling live streams may be frequent.

Schedule 2A Inspections

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Is Your Fence Compliant..? Checklist...

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Is Your Fence Compliant..? Checklist...

About Schedule 2A Remote Inspections

How Do Our Remote Inspections Work?

Contact Local Government

Only Local governments prescribed under schedule 2a of the building act can consider certain areas to be classed as remote. If your swimming pool is classed as ‘remote’ by your local government. A ‘physical’ inspection of your pools safety barrier is ‘not mandatory’ and can be inspected by means of technology such as; Live Streaming, Videos & Photos.

It is essential that you contact your local council beforehand, to confirm your eligible under these circumstances before creating a booking.

Lets Talk

Once you’ve been in touch with your local government and everything is ok for a ‘remote’ inspection. You should then contact us via phone or email to discuss what will be required from you during this process.

We’ll send you some examples of what we’re looking for, when conducting a remote inspection.

This inspection will follow the same rules, guidelines & regulations as a physical on-site inspection, this includes recieving a ‘form 23 – notice of non-compliance’ if photos show areas of non-compliance.

How it Works…

Record Videos & Photos

Using your device… take multiple images and video recordings to capture all angles of your swimming pool barrier… following the provided instructions.

Upload Files

Once you think you’ve captured enough images & footage. Files can be sent to us by: Email, Dropbox, Whatsapp or any other method you prefer.

Live Stream Video

If you feel videos recordings and photos won’t capture the right context… we’ll schedule a Live Video Stream and walk you through the whole process.

Assessment: Footage, Streams & Uploads

Once we have recieved all the data you have provided. We will then start the assessment of your pool safety barrier. All the same laws and regulations will apply… just like a normal fence inspection, except it’ll be based upon the photos and videos you have sent. The outcome of the assessment will determine whether you recieve a ‘pool safety certificate’ or a ‘form 26 – pool safety nonconformity notice’, to which you’ll have a further 90 days to recify any implications causing your safety barrier to not comply.

Schedule Further Appointments & Requests

After the assessment of your ‘remote pool safety inspection’, Pool Safety Barrier’s which do not conform to the current regulations will be subject to further requests. This may result in capturing and sending more photos and/or rescheduling live stream appointments. This will be required after nonconforming areas have been rectified and/or areas of the safety barrier which are unclear on the evidence.

Issue Pool Safety Certificate

Pool Safety Inspections which successfully meet the current standards & regulations will be issued a Pool Safety Certificate.

A Pool Safety nonconformity notice (Form 26) is issued to swimming pools and/or spas which do not meet with the current Qld standards & regulations and is therefore non compliant. Reasons for non-compliance will be outlined in the Form 26, including recommendations and possible solutions in order to rectify these issues. A re-inspection is required within 3 months.

For more information on how your local government may declare an area as remote or rural, please visit Qbcc – Pool Safety

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